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Jamala from Ukraine won with song "1944", which is a story of her grand mother on the island of Krim. Second Place became Australia followed by Russia

The Falkensteinplace 2 weeks before Eurovision

Funny Elchs are observing the area

They are watching everyone

Die Schwedische Krone thront über der Vasa - dem schwedischen Stolz im 17. Jahrhundert

Die Vasa

Majestätisch liegt sie im Falkensteinplace

Die "Swedish Wall of Fame - SWOF"

Come together at Falkensteinplace

THE FAN-COMMUNITY is waiting nervously for the opening

They are sitting and standing everywhere

The host is showing and explaining the swedish wall of fame

And now the show....

Pedro Ferreiro enters the stage. Boa noite. Canta Fado

Loucura. Please come back Portugal to Eurovision

Da lauschen selbst die Schwedischen Stars in der Wall of Fame, wenn Pedro Ferreiro die Gitarra triste erklingen lässt.


The Karpatys are heading on stage. The originals of the wild dance 2004

A few moments before staging

And then the wildest dancing from ukraine is flodding the audience. No doubt that this is the moment when Ukraine starts its victory

Selbst in den Karpaten wird der Synchrontanz groß geschrieben


Gali Atari and Milk and Honey entering the stage with Hallelujah. The winning song from 1979

The song in the history of Eurovision Songcontest. Just fantastic.


Die glücklichen Gewinner der Prediction 2016 - Ihr seid Spitze. Herzlichen Glückwunsch und viel Spaß mit den Leckereien. Danke an den Spender Klaus

Charlie - Super.

Smiling faces

 The night starts - and the Eurovision from Stockholm kicks off

The experts are concentrated on the entries from all Europe and Australia

Ja, ja the juries are exchanging their voting

Our Voting Results

Amir from France is our winner

Das Büffet lädt definitiv zur Stärkung ein. Vielen Dank an Alle