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Conchita Wurst wins in Copenhagen with "Rise like a phoenix"

Lille Nyhavn of Copenhagen is greeting all the guests of the big party to the final of 2014

We are red we are white, we are danish dynamite. But sometimes we are sweet like candy.

Danebrog (die dänische Flagge)

Auf den Spuren von Hans Christian Andersens Märchen. Im Märchenwald

Under the little Mermaid the show starts with Mette & Jette with a taste of scandinavian music with an oriental flavour. They are performing "Stay Awake" from Simone

It seems that she likes it!

The second act come from our dear neighbour Holland.

Jan Smit is charming the guests

It was the basis for the fantastic second place of "the common linnets" later in the evening. So thank you very much.

Our European Gassenhauer. E viva Espana.

What an amazing performance with lots of clapping and shouting besides the lacks of text by the audience.

Gracias Sabine

USA meets Eurovision. Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers are entering the stage. Just like Australia in the second semifinal in Copenhagen there is a warm welcome in the audience and heads and mouthes are starting to move.

Will they be in Austria 2015 USA?

The show closes in memoriam to Heinz Schenk who passed away with unforgetable song "Es ist alles nur geliehen".

Thank you Martin for creating this atmosphere

And now. The show in Copenhagen starts and the audience is waiting nervously for the first performance.

The night is falling and the lights are starting this fantastic Eurovision Feeling

They do not even look at me anymore.

Our amazing buffet of 2014

The fairytale forest

The award of the night. Who will get the prestitous cup of Falkensteinplace 2014. The Predictor of the year!

Klaus you are the king. With a new record of 17 points he crushed all the dreams of the others.

Semifinal 1:

Semifinal 2:

Voting Semifinal 1 here

Voting Semifinal 2 here

Elaiza for Germany!