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Here are the results of Semifinal 1 (Please click on the link to see the voting)

Here are the results of Semifinal 2 (Please click on the link to see the voting)


Welcome to Trollhaugen - The mysterious Norway

The Party starts


The young host from Wiedensahl

Funny Girls 1

Friends are trying to be cool but their tension is starting to rise

The incredible Buffet

Young - Younger - Youngest

Girly groups are becoming more and more powerful

But Boy-Groups still have the power at the Buffet

Eurovision Song Contest - a meeting place

Funny Girls 2

Waiting for a great night

Die Schöne und das Biest

The moment of Lena on stage

The big Show is on his way

What or who is that?

The blond and brünette

Thorhild Sivertsen and the funky family is on stage

Funny performance

Eurovision can be so much fun

Great singer from Goslar - Lars

He is performing with great joy Heinz Rudolf Kuntze and Bee from Lena

Lars gets help from Mr. Eurovision

Incredible Roger Cicero

Frauen regieren die Welt, but our Roger Cicero the audience

The timbre of his voice is amazing

A big Eurovision Fan

Eurovision gives new friendships a chance

It is getting exciting and the people are waiting nervously for Romania to give the first results

Also a fan from Niederrhein (a Neandertal???) loves the Eurovision Feeling

Dancing after victory

Who is the greek immigrant??????

The new group for Kölle Alaaf

The victory of Lena gives new inspiration

Funny Haircuts

Party All night long

3Azerbaijan  88
4Ireland  63
5France  57
6Denmark  49
7Turkey  48
8Iceland  47
9Georgia  47
10Moldova  46
11Norway  46
12Cyprus  42
13Russia  40
14Greece  35
15Israel  35
16Bosnia & Hercegovina  34
17Armenia  27
18Serbia  24
19Albania  14
20Ukraine  11
21Portugal  10
22United Kingdom    9
23Romania    9
24Spain    9
25Belarus    0